About sOF sOLE

Our Story

Our History:

Sof Sole® began in 1991 and has grown to become a worldwide leader in athletic footwear accessories. The Sof Sole line includes insoles, socks and shoe care for anything ranging from everyday needs to high-impact performance activities so that you can focus on achieving your next goal.

Our Mission:

Whether you’re running to catch the train or preparing for your next marathon, Sof Sole helps you customize your footwear for maximum comfort, support and style. Each and every product is designed to bring functionality and comfort to your day.

Our Insoles:

Sof Sole offers a wide selection of insoles made for a range of activities and needs. Our technologically advanced designs and materials optimize the functionality, comfort, and performance of any shoe. Sold at leading sporting goods, family, and specialty footwear retailers worldwide, the Sof Sole brand is the “Sole of Performance.”

Our Shoe Care:

Our shoe care products are specially designed to clean, protect, care, and deodorize all your footwear and other gear. From waterproofing agents to cleaning solutions to shoe polish, each of our formulas was created to provide premium care for your shoe products and more.  

Our Accessories:

Accessories help customize your gear to make it perfect for your lifestyle. With shoe laces for all your favorite footwear, cleats for when you need them, and shoe inserts to help your kicks fit better, Sof Sole offers everything you need for every part of your day.